You have a business idea, need a plan!

Hi everybody!

In my last post I told you about my new music business project: I’m going to promote a stoner/rock band from my hometown and my aim is to organize an UK tour for these guys, starting from Sardinia! In my next posts I will talk deeply about them, but now I will expose my business canvas related to the project.


Firstly, a business canvas is a model used to explain graphically an idea or a project. As you can see it’s composed of nine different blocks which represent the most important steps in the understanding and planning of a project. I say understanding, because while you build this model you have to think really critically about your business idea and create links between the blocks.

Business canvas blocks links

As you can see in my own canvas, I will use the internet massively..and incomes are the most critical point..Welcome to the music business digital era!

Feel free to comment and give any advice! Cheers!

4 responses to “You have a business idea, need a plan!

  1. A good overview of your idea. I think the ‘key activities’ section is worth really thinking about. instead of the practical activities you might want o think about the activity as the value it brings to your audience/clients. Is the value something to do with the nature if the experience?

    • Thank you! Yes the value created is connected with the nature of the expereince. So I should link better the Key Activities to the Value Proposition?

  2. Before a SUCCESSFUL tour can happen, a band must have a strong following at home. Plenty of bands tour without local buzz, but I’ve never heard of a successful tour resulting from being unknown. MusicMunch is working with a Denver band, Petals of Spain (btw, what’s the name of the band your working with?). We have a similar goal of setting up a tour overseas, but first, we are creating a huge following here in Denver. Those are my thoughts.
    I love the diagrams. Definitely can use those in MusicMunch’s biz model. Thanks Matteo.

    • Thanks for your comment!! Yes you’re completely right when you say that a band must have a strong following at home. In fact, at the moment we are working on this level, and my promotion plan starts from the local to become global: this is my aim. The band I’m promoting is this:
      Consider that this is their old bandcamp page and I have to renew it completely, and soon they’re going to have a website (for this reasons I haven’t written about them deeply yet). If we could work together it would be great! It obviously depends on the bands genre
      Cheers and thank you!

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